ugh i want to get really uncomfortably rich and then just. go around and anonymously donate huge amounts of money to people for things like HEY youre trying to move away from your abusive parents?? BAM 10 thousand mystery dollars oh whats that your dog needs surgery?? BAM paid for hey you cant afford to go to that con with your friends?? BAM better get your cosplay ready you fucking nerd

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about met


Jensen’s face when Mark mentions SuperWhoLock XD

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@ That Jensen Ackles hair tho…

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This is really fucking impressive. Of course it is.


Jensen tossing gummies to himself at the Nerd HQ panel. 

(That’s right; he gets 2 ^.^)

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Oh, you two stop. [X]

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SDCC14- Supernatural Panel
If your characters had dating profiles what would they say?

Video credits [x] [x]

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